Virtual Conference – Resilient Youth in a Post-Pandemic World will take place in a challenging context. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is substantially affecting education and training sectors worldwide in two ways:

  • Institutional levelLockdown measures have led to the worldwide closure of institutions and skills development organizations. UNESCO estimates that nearly three-quarters of the world’s learners were affected by school closures across education levels. As distance education and training become the norm, the annual IYDC will be held online.
  • Systemic level. The economic recession triggered by the COVID-19 crisis is causing a massive rise in un- and under-employment that could have a lasting impact on essential livelihoods. Transformations in the labour market will also result in changes in skills demands. The university needs to address the short- and medium-term impact of the current pandemic, in scaling up solutions for developing relevant skills in UTAR undergraduates and formulating responses that reflect long-term sustainability. Read More

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